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"Comic Books, Geek Culture, and the Fandom Imaginary" explores some of the conventional framings of “fandom” (from comic book obsessives to cosplayers) and the cultural histories that sustain it. It also explores the dark side of these dynamics, looking at what can happen when fandom turns toxic in pop culture spaces. You will continue to apply frameworks of self-reflection and close reading/analysis to the study of contemporary popular culture, and explore how those frameworks provide tools for understanding the self as much as our cultural surroundings. The course asks the fundamental question: how can what we love - what we read, what we watch, what we share - contribute to making the world a better place? Along the way, you’ll continue to develop your skills in honing and representing your fandom, specifically engaging in activities designed to help you find your fellow fans, help you find your people, and connect with them outside and beyond the course. Course-Level Learning Outcomes * Define and describe the dynamics of geek culture (fantasy, science fiction, comic books, graphic novels), as well as its relationships to fandom, popular culture, and digital media * Apply critical self-reflection and close reading frameworks through analytical writing and creative expression * Engage with pop culture and fandom communities by leveraging online platforms to make connections and synthesize learning * Reflect on your personal relationship to geek culture (fantasy, science fiction, comic books, graphic novels), and how popular culture intersects with memory and nostalgia Course 3 Skills: * Analysis * Self-Reflection * Critical Thinking * Communication * Culture * Close Reading...

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创建者 MA

Jun 27, 2021

This has been my first course at Coursera and I really enjoyed it. Highly recommended to anyone interested in comic books history and dynamics, fandom imaginary and participatory culture.

The video content was engaging and conveyed the main ideas in a clear way. I think that this makes the course content enjoyable and accessible to beginners on these areas of studies but can also give new perspectives to those students who are familiar with them already, which is my case. Useful lists of readings and multimedia resources too.

The assignment also encouraged me to explore and participate in online spaces that broadened my perspective about the fandom I selected for this research (and about these online platforms in some aspects).

In summary, the course is interesting and well organised. I really appreciated the instructor’s accessibility too.

创建者 Ana M R

Oct 16, 2022

Outstanding. The contents are extremely interesting, the methodology is innovative, the contents and delivery are engaging, the curated list of resources is spectacular. The professor is a first rate sherpa that invites you to go and guide you in a fantastic journey. A journey that will transform the way you see fandom, digital culture, and even daily life. First rate. Thanks professor Haynes