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学生对 ESSEC商学院 提供的 市场分析基础 的评价和反馈

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Who is this course for? This course is designed for students, business analysts, and data scientists who want to apply statistical knowledge and techniques to business contexts. For example, it may be suited to experienced statisticians, analysts, engineers who want to move more into a business role, in particular in marketing. You will find this course exciting and rewarding if you already have a background in statistics, can use R or another programming language and are familiar with databases and data analysis techniques such as regression, classification, and clustering. However, it contains a number of recitals and R Studio tutorials which will consolidate your competences, enable you to play more freely with data and explore new features and statistical functions in R. Business Analytics, Big Data and Data Science are very hot topics today, and for good reasons. Companies are sitting on a treasure trove of data, but usually lack the skills and people to analyze and exploit that data efficiently. Those companies who develop the skills and hire the right people to analyze and exploit that data will have a clear competitive advantage. It's especially true in one domain: marketing. About 90% of the data collected by companies today are related to customer actions and marketing activities.The domain of Marketing Analytics is absolutely huge, and may cover fancy topics such as text mining, social network analysis, sentiment analysis, real-time bidding, online campaign optimization, and so on. But at the heart of marketing lie a few basic questions that often remain unanswered: (1) who are my customers, (2) which customers should I target and spend most of my marketing budget on, and (3) what's the future value of my customers so I can concentrate on those who will be worth the most to the company in the future. That's exactly what this course will cover: segmentation is all about understanding your customers, scorings models are about targeting the right ones, and customer lifetime value is about anticipating their future value. These are the foundations of Marketing Analytics. And that's what you'll learn to do in this course....



Jun 10, 2020

Clear practical explanation of concepts. However atleast a basic knowledge of R is essential to take up the course. Even if you don't know R the concepts can be understood except the coding part


Aug 16, 2021

Very good course. It helps to have a short PDF file embedded along with notes, containing the most commonly used R commands and its usage so that Newbies get a chance to understand this quickly


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创建者 Chinmay K

Mar 12, 2018

Excellent course and perfectly taught by the professor. The course is easy to understand. With a very basic knowledge of R, one can understand a lot about marketing analytics.

创建者 Sebastian B

May 31, 2018

It's so helpful to analize your customer in an easy way to understand the maths and the computational operations. Step-by-step to define what is it important to focus.

创建者 Divya A

Jul 14, 2020

This Course was really an advanced level. The tests made us think and apply the learnt concepts. I am glad that i have opt for it. Overall, beautifully interpreted.

创建者 Lakshmi V J

Oct 3, 2020

The course is very useful and is simply fantastic. The explanations were structured well and were easy to understand. I have gained a lot of knowledge. Thank you.

创建者 Adarsh S

Jul 5, 2018

This is a really good foundational course in Marketing Analytics. The concepts covered are useful and quite relevant from a professional career perspective.

创建者 Jhanelene K E L

Nov 21, 2021

Really had fun learning about the data of marketing analytics. The professors/speakers of the video makes the lesson more interesting and easy to follow.

创建者 Jason M C

Nov 8, 2015

Exceptional class, very good analytical techniques. I do recommend having an R background before taking this class, but if you do, it's a treasure trove.

创建者 Suhas W

Jan 1, 2021

Marketing concepts are clearly and concisely explained. Data analytics part is nicely blended with those concepts. BIG Thumps Up from my side...!!!

创建者 Philippe B

Dec 22, 2020

Great course ! Straightforward marketing analytics concepts and good illustration of their potential application through the recitals, thanks !

创建者 Anukriti S

Sep 19, 2019

It was explained in such a structured manner that I could grasp all the concepts with ease. Extremely helpful, would definitely recommend it!

创建者 Asif R

Dec 15, 2019

great course and very well segmented for every user to learn more about customer segmentation till customer lifetime value calculation.

创建者 Oscar M P L

Jan 29, 2019

Very helpful course, it was very clear and concise. The tools provided are relevant and overall the course fulfilled my expectations .

创建者 Erika D M

Oct 28, 2019

Very well done, perfect for a beginner in marketing analytics. Easy to follow and understand. Nice first experience programming with R

创建者 Terence F

Apr 26, 2020

Very practical and detail. But if you don't have knowledge of R or R Studio, you will find it a bit difficult to handle.

创建者 IL G K

Dec 28, 2020

■ Good lecture from outstanding professors. I'm satisfied. I would like to recommend this class. It sounds good.


Jun 19, 2020

A very well paced and insightful course. The fact that it was taught in R programming is a definite plus point.

创建者 Maryia M

Jun 18, 2017

Exciting intro into marketing analytics. The material is explained very well and easy to follow. Many thanks!

创建者 Karolina W

Apr 19, 2020

Excellent course which consisted of many real life examples and practical excercises. Highly recommended.

创建者 Raul C

Aug 25, 2020

Un curso muy bien explicado y con ejercicios prácticos que pueden usarse en la vida real. Excelente.

创建者 Jatin J

Mar 27, 2020

very good course overall. Not so extensive coding and fully explaining as to how to modify the data

创建者 Shuvam C

Jun 26, 2020

Great learning. Surely will add a lot of information for my knowledge base. Fun learning for sure.

创建者 Soukaina E K

Apr 25, 2020

Very good course, well explained and suitable even for beginners in Marketing analytics and R!

创建者 Nicole Q

Feb 25, 2016

Great introduction to how analytics can be applied to marketing and other business solutions.

创建者 Guilherme C

Aug 10, 2016

Very good introductory course for ones who want to open one's minds for the marketing world.

创建者 Theingi L

Jul 27, 2017

it's great opportunity to learn this course. Thanks to ESSEC business school and telenor.