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Have you ever wished you knew how to program, but had no idea where to start from? This course will teach you how to program in Scratch, an easy to use visual programming language. More importantly, it will introduce you to the fundamental principles of computing and it will help you think like a software engineer....



Jun 3, 2020

for a total beginner in coding, this course was the perfect start! It was easy to understand, and easy to program (coding wit already?)

Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful way to learn!


Apr 4, 2016

the course is what the name says it is, an introduction to programming, great course for any code beginner. Lecturer is doing amazing job and keeping the lectures interesting, easy and understandable.


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创建者 Marek D

Apr 13, 2020

outdated. New Scratch 3 looks different and it's difficult to do the same things if you follow instructor

创建者 Mabel W

Mar 3, 2016

This is a great course for beginners for sure. I loved the teacher and would do more courses she teaches for sure. The only thing I would have to say is that the last task was a bit difficult for some of the coding and there was no assistance of someone I could have reached out to. i.e. if I was having a hard time with a certain aspect in Scratch that I had a difficult time with, I would have loved somehow to ask for assistance to better understand what I was doing wrong and/or why it was not working

创建者 Golda M

Aug 28, 2015

The course is very comprehensive. The videos are split into smaller portions that prevented me from being bored. The concepts are presented in a simple manner that I can easily understand. I also appreciate the illustrations used to explain the concepts and the interviews with real-world professionals that relate what they do with software engineering. Thanks for this course! This is awesome!

创建者 Stan V

Sep 23, 2015

This was a great class for me. I had fun learning about programming concepts and Scratch. There are weekly quizzes and two projects to work on. Both the quizzes and the projects will definitely help you learn more about software design principles. You will have fun while learning and working on your coding skills. I took toward taking more courses on Scratch if they are available.

创建者 Benedikt G

Feb 5, 2018

Great introduction to programming in very easy and understandable steps and units. Can recommend this to anyone who wants to get into programming without any prior experience and for any age group. Despite having many many students, the teachers were also extremely forthcoming and helped me with some administrative issues I had and despite some back and forth via e-mail. Great job!

创建者 Philip C

Mar 28, 2017

This course is ideal for anyone with zero programming experience who wants to learn the basic concepts and have fun doing so. I would definitely recommend 'Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming' as an entry level course to everyone of any age who has an interest in learning how to develop. Well done to the team that put this course together.

创建者 Teresa R

Jul 17, 2020

I loved this course. Thank you very much!!! My teacher was Areti and her enthusiasm is contagious. I will take another programming course, because I got very motivated.

I like feedback from my peers to gain peers' perspectives.

At the same time, peers grading is uncertain. Some of them are not factual. In my projects they don't rate with the truth. It would be good for a mentor to supervise that.

It didn't affect me, because I still got an A, but it doesn't feel good to work so hard to comply with all program requirements, features, and functionalities, for then the grade be like a lottery, to some extent.

创建者 Ankit K

Jun 13, 2020

Maybe that's me or may be i haven't read about the course clearly but i think that the level of this course is below par. It is a childish level course probably for someone younger than 15 or 16.

创建者 Jennifer k

Feb 22, 2021

info is out of date. course references an out of date scratch program. unwilling to upload practice videos from this site due to this fact and risk uploading unsecure info to my home pc.

创建者 Kazantseva S S

May 29, 2022

I did not receive a certificate!!!!

创建者 Roberto S

Mar 8, 2022

Not for adults only kids.

创建者 Willy

Jun 8, 2020

This is a great course for anyone who is interested in programming but have zero to little programming background. I would say that this course would also be interesting for some experienced programmers.

Scratch code and interface are easy to understand. This course not only teaches about the code but also teaches how to think as a programmer such as, how to design your code or algorithm based on the software requirements, analyzing your code, doing the best practice, etc.

During the course, you will be guided by Dr Areti Manataki (If you choose the course in English). She explains everything pretty well and uses terms that easy to understand. For example by explaining code algorithm by comparing it with daily activities.

创建者 Constantine M

May 15, 2020

The tutors were highly professional. I did not have any computer science background prior to starting the course and therefore my level of confidence and comfortability was very low. However, I must say all that quickly vanished soon after I started listening to the lectures. The tutors simplified otherwise difficult and complex tasks to become easy to understand, which gave me an eagerness to continue learning. I would want to recommend anyone who wants to pursue a tech career to start off the journey with this course. Thank you and I appreciate it.

创建者 Anusheel C

Jul 13, 2020

A real starter course for simple programming. i, with no idea on programming, decided to try this course. this was my first coursera course. i got to say, it really is the starter. i really recommend this for people who want to program, but dont know where to start. the course is made in a very fun way. i am 10 years old and i loved this. tells you the basics of programming, teaches you programming in scratch. do this course before any other programming one. it'll seriously help you

创建者 Chris H

Feb 3, 2021

Good introduction introduction to common terms, common project design from inception to completion. Pacing was good and instructions were clear and concise. I was able to complete projects without having to seek supplementary guidance from third party websites. Instructors were clear and easy to understand. Thank you for the course, I really enjoyed it. All my best.

创建者 Mutembo K

Nov 16, 2021

I had fun learning to code in bite-size chunks. I am now confident that I will be able to learn and adapt to other languages like C++, Java and even Python. I highly recommend this course; you'll pick up some interesting skills along the way.

创建者 Aarav J

Oct 19, 2021

This course was superb and I learnt a lot of things from this course which has helped me to learn the concept of programming. I would like to thank our mentor in this course and would like to give them a very big thank you from my side.

创建者 Olivia G A L

Dec 8, 2021

This course is very helpful for the beginners because the lecturer is started from basic and everything that teacher explains is easy to understand!

创建者 Patrizio M

Oct 8, 2021

It was a great experience for me and i have gain lots of knowledge through this course, in a very efficient way, so thank you so much.

创建者 viddhesh s

Jun 4, 2017

actually Iam a beginner in the world of coding, and i have understood the basics of coding with the help of this course.

创建者 Ashwini J

Feb 10, 2016

very well explained and the whole course is so fun to learn !!!! and very motivating too for programming beginners....!

创建者 dattatreya s

Sep 30, 2021

it is very usefull course , it is best for the beginners i leaned so much from this i loved it

创建者 Yaren S

Dec 6, 2021

This course was very good and very useful. I suggest all of you. Thanks for everything ♥

创建者 Sabrina S

Nov 1, 2021

Muy bueno para iniciar en el mundo de la programacion, me encanto trabajar con scrath

创建者 Esteban P B

Nov 23, 2021

very nice the metodologic excellent teacher and very funny... thanks