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Have you ever wished you knew how to program, but had no idea where to start from? This course will teach you how to program in Scratch, an easy to use visual programming language. More importantly, it will introduce you to the fundamental principles of computing and it will help you think like a software engineer....



Apr 4, 2016

the course is what the name says it is, an introduction to programming, great course for any code beginner. Lecturer is doing amazing job and keeping the lectures interesting, easy and understandable.


Jun 3, 2020

for a total beginner in coding, this course was the perfect start! It was easy to understand, and easy to program (coding wit already?)

Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful way to learn!


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创建者 Dac K N

Aug 20, 2020

where is may certificate

创建者 Onkar E S

Jun 22, 2021

Waste of time.

创建者 Mireille F

Sep 27, 2020

I really enjoyed the course, well designed in terms of progression and good presentation. I had knew basic programming in R, Python & Java, but it is so much more fun when you can see immediately your code in action via animations, games etc. Now I have to figure out how you go from the root language programs like Python onto visual ones like Scratch.

I have some feedback on how the course could be improved - don't know where else to post this: a) the course description should emphasize that it uses Scratch V2, not the latest version, in bold, e.g in 'About this course' and 'Introductory note', so to download V2 to follow the course, and once completed continue practising using V3 b) there should be an additional 'FAQ' section in the course content list, gathering all recurrent threads from Forum Discussions, e.g. reminder to use Scratch V2 not V3, and differences between V2 & V3; this would reduce the incorrect uses of the Discussion Forums (e.g. multiple duplicate threads) and save time about known recurrent topics/issues c) the project submission page should not allow submission unless a file has been uploaded to it, and if possible only a .sb2 or .sb3 file d) the peer-review process should indicate what to do if wrong file type or no file uploaded in the project page to review (from an old forum thread I gather that we have to flag the submission rather than submit a failed - on all counts - review).

创建者 Rufus F R j

Jan 2, 2021

This course is put together very well. Although frustrating at times, I learned a lot in a very short period of time. The instructors planned the course in such a manner that a beginner can start thinking like a computer programmer. Learning block programming is a good way to start to learn programming. The learner has to really want to learn this stuff, and it is so rewarding when one creates something from Scratch that one is proud of. It is also very rewarding to be able to follow along with another learner's though process because one is able to understand what the programmer is attempting to do. From doing peer review, one learns from peer review, and the learner begins to understand why coding is such a collaborative effort. It is truly insightful to see how someone else approaches a problem different from one's self. I love this stuff! Now I am going to have to take a course in some beginning language like Python. When I can afford it, I am going to get this certificate. Thank you to the instructors, developers of this course, and thank you to the Coursera platform and Coursera team.

创建者 Zərbəliyeva Ş

May 12, 2020

Hello, first of all, thank you for making this course free and making a noticeable difference in the careers and education of many. And, of course, my dear teacher Dr. Areti Manataki, thank you very much for creating a very entertaining and educational environment in 5 weeks. (P.S and my dear friend Cody). In fact, as a biology student, I never thought I would be able to master such a high level of programming skills over the Internet. And I'm glad I made a mistake)) Edinburgh was my favorite university in terms of education and the team. I was thinking of studying at the University of Pavia with Erasmus Proraming, but Covid-19 may have helped me so much that I was already studying for a master's degree at the University of Edinburgh.

, specialization in Programming. Respect to everyone who suffers.

创建者 Sabrina S

May 16, 2020

I loved this course. It's perfect for beginners to get a basic understanding of how programming works: You will learn about general concepts and basics that are essential for programming (from user documentations to iterations), you will gain an understanding of how to approach new programming projects, how to modify, test and debug programs, and so much more. And all of this new knowledge is taught to you in a playful and fun way: By writing your own little games and programs from week one! A very hands-on course. I really liked that! Also, Dr. Areti Manataki's passion for programming is highly infectious and inspiring! The course is well structured, and I can really recommend it to everyone who wants to dip a toe in the water and introduce themselves to programming :-)

创建者 Angel N

May 19, 2020

Great course! Lessons were very well planned out in small steps for beginners and it really did introduce me to programming. For someone who has no background but interested to learn a new skill it is very informative. However it would be good to combine the videos into longer videos (ie 10 mins) instead of 1-2 mins or even like seconds as I have to keep clicking the next video. Interviews with people in the industry is very interesting as well. It would be good to learn other programming languages too as Scratch does seem like a really basic program for learning.

创建者 Christina P

Jul 9, 2021

The only thing I didn't like was the peer review. I submitted work with all the appropriate instructions and content but was marked down by several users that couldn't see/hear the content yet the others that reviewed was able to see this content. Giving me a 50% on my 1st project. Even on my 2nd project 1 person was marking me for content that was there that others had seen. This gives a false hope of doing things right or people upset that you did a possible good job yet they mark you down so you don't get a good grade.

创建者 Luis G

Jul 15, 2021

Great course, very useful as tool to learn the fundamentals of programming & software development, especially for beginners. I enjoyed the video approach and "follow-along" way of learning, and I picked up a lot of key concepts throughout the course. I've already started and completed other programming courses on Coursera since I finished "Code Yourself", and I'm finding a lot of concepts much easier to understand now that I have this base knowledge.

Thank you & congratulations on your well-run programme!

创建者 Alastair M

Feb 24, 2022

As a former teacher I appreciate the skill of the tutors and how fluently the online elements were put together. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and a journey from zero coding knowledge to enough confidence to begin some projects with my grandson. The progression from hand-held walk-throughs and periodic quizzes to more open-ended tasks was excellent, with just the right balance between explanation and practice. Learning coding seems a lot like learning languages! ευχαριστώ!

创建者 Shaurya R

Jun 4, 2020

The application provided along with the course ( scratch ) is extremly helpful. Especially , the code palletes make the whole process of coding and learning enjoyable. Areti is a fantastic teacher and explained all concepts lucidly. Only improvement I can suggest is delete button on sprite can be placed prudently awayso that learners don't delete the whole code by mistake. Overall, I would recommend this course to all the learners. Thanks to the course makers and Coursera.

创建者 Aditya J

Jun 25, 2020

I loved this course and according to me this is the best course if you are new to programming world.I also got a certificate after completing this awesome and full of fun course and I thank the whole course team and especially Areti Mam for this and my whole journey.This course helped me in clearing my basics and created my interest in the wide field of Computer Science and programming.Thank you so much for all the marvelous stuff and valuable certificate!

创建者 أحمد ا

Aug 20, 2020

I knew nothing about programming before this course, it gave a good idea about the concepts and its applications. the short quizzes during lectures where very useful and the assignments made me deeply understand all the concepts I studied in this course.

If you're a total beginner I highly recommend you check this course, however if you have a decent background in programming, then this might be too simple and primitive for you.

创建者 Mia G

Mar 6, 2022

A good introduction to the language/concept of computer programming. I'm going to look for a Java beginners course next, but doing this Scratch course first has helped build an understanding of the fundamentals and basics of thinking like a programmer (for someone who has never programmed before like me!) I'd recommend giving it a go. I feel a lot more confident and capable now at the end than what I did at the beginning :)

创建者 jacinda r

Jan 11, 2021

I really enjoyed the course. It took me a bit to get my brain working in the right direction, as I think artistically rather than linear like the program, but I got through it and had fun (and struggled a bit) doing the programs and games. The teachers were great and all the feedback from the other students for the assignments was very helpful and useful. This course makes me want to keep learning about coding.

创建者 Anh T

May 25, 2020

Awesome!! It's fun and really easy to follow. Scratch is also friendly to beginners. The video presentation provides a very good flow of the basic terms while the bonus interviews give us practical insights into the real world of programmers. I have no background of computer programming. As an absolute beginner, I find it really useful and inspiring. Now I'm moving on to Python. Thank you!! Muchas gracias!!

创建者 Virgil Z T

Jan 15, 2021

Great introduction to programming, especially if you've never tried it (with experience it's also interesting, a bit different approach than classical console mode algorithm based ones). Many of object oriented concepts, basic structures, loops, variable, methods, class and object -like things will be familiar later on so. Amusing challenges, well designed courses, real life interviews.

创建者 Baskar S

May 15, 2020

Before starting this course i was a complete beginner in coding, now i am very much clear on the basic programming. Course is well structured and starting from very basic to advanced stage. Quality of the videos were good, Instructor is clearly explaining the concept with real life examples. For any one interested in learning programming and mindset, this is the right course to begin.

创建者 Setin T M

May 23, 2021

Very good course for people with 0 coding background. It explains the fundamentals really well and by using Scratch, it makes it easy to focus on the logic, rather than coding syntax, which I believe is an invaluable advantage for a newbie. Very glad to have taken part in this course and an honest thank you and congrats to the teachers. Very well structured and a joy to follow along.

创建者 MD Z S

Jun 4, 2020

This course is all I can say an amazing course that creates a thirst for learning new programming languages after finishing this course. The course instructor is in one word fantabulous. The way she taught is totally fun and all apprentices definitely would enjoy. Thank you miss and a strongly recommended course for beginners who have zero or less idea about programming language.

创建者 Erica P

Aug 9, 2020

I really enjoyed the course. It has wonderful step-by-step videos that get students creating fun games, and Areti (the instructor) is a terrific speaker and very informative. There are two projects that get peer-reviewed, but they were really fun to code and grade. Seeing the various ways in which other students solved the same problems were helpful in learning Scratch.

创建者 Cierra K

May 30, 2020

Moved on from this to explore coding in HTML, Python and C++. This course is very simple and uses a simplified coding script to learn the basics for absolute beginners. It gives a solid foundation to learn about programming and coding. As a visual learner I found it especially helpful to learn via Scratch coding and thought it was a great tool to understand the basics.

创建者 Anvithraj R

Jun 8, 2020

I knew how to code a bit from the start, but I wanted to know more about the different aspects of programming and also learn something about software developmental procedures.

This course helped me start on the right path and now, I look forward to more programming! Thanks to the University of Edinburgh and Universidad ORT Uruguay for creating such a good course.

创建者 Lisa

May 31, 2020

This course was informative and used a simple programming language - Scratch, to introduce us to various programming terms and software engineering practices. This would be a great course for someone who has no knowledge of programming at all. Professor Areti is enthusiastic in her teaching and I enjoyed her lessons. Thank you for this course!

创建者 umaiorubagan

Aug 30, 2020

I learn so many skills in this course. I think this course useful to many people who are starting to learn a basic program and what are the requirements they need to develop a program and how to correct the errors in the program. they learn in this course. I think this course was very useful to so many peoples. who are interested in a program