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学生对 IBM 提供的 Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks 的评价和反馈

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This course gives you the background needed to understand basic Cybersecurity. You will learn the history of Cybersecurity, types and motives of cyber attacks to further your knowledge of current threats to organizations and individuals. Key terminology, basic system concepts and tools will be examined as an introduction to the Cybersecurity field. You will learn about critical thinking and its importance to anyone looking to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. Finally, you will begin to learn about organizations and resources to further research cybersecurity issues in the Modern era. This course is intended for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of Cybersecurity or as the first course in a series of courses to acquire the skills to work in the Cybersecurity field as a Jr Cybersecurity Analyst. The completion of this course also makes you eligible to earn the Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks IBM digital badge. More information about the badge can be found



Dec 24, 2020

If you want to learn cybersecurity and you have no idea about that. Then this is the best course which covers all the basic topics and provide you a best knowledge about cybersecurity and their tools.


Aug 14, 2020

The reading link to Week 03's Framework and their purpose is Broken. Please Fix it. Everything else seemed perfect. I would recommend this course for people who think of starting their careers in CyS.


151 - Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks 的 175 个评论(共 3,424 个)

创建者 Sadam H

Sep 18, 2020

I understand lot of things like, types of firewalls how its working,lot of cyber security tools and one of the best thing latest updates about cybersecurity threats, and there sites, where we can view reports.

Iam very thankfull to my teaches who help me in this course.


Jul 5, 2022

The modules in this course are essential and pragmatic. I am honored to be a part of Cousera's student database and network. I feel settled whenever i am learning here on the platform, because, the schedule is flexible so there is high morale for continuous learning.

创建者 Aman P

Apr 1, 2022

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make me confused. Thank you so much for this great course!

Though there is need to be slight improvement in the audio clarity.

创建者 Chukwujiobi E

Sep 23, 2022

Very explanatory. Teaches things u would need in businesses and not only in cybersecurity, but in other parts of the business. Also teaches you that Cybersecurity is a team-work game not a lone man game. Encourages team-work as an essential to success and progress.

创建者 lakshman d

Mar 13, 2022

My name is lakshman das, I am working in amazon werehouse as an security Assigment manager, I have foud this certificate course from Coursera and after completed i have learned so many things, like what is the cyber attacks and how to prevent and use which tools.

创建者 Jeff J

Jan 16, 2020

Great introduction to major areas of cybersecurity. This course was a great review of the most important areas of cybersecurity for someone wanting to know more or get started in the field. Cheers and thanks to the creators of this course! Warm regards, Jeff Jackson

创建者 Ahmed T K

Dec 10, 2022

Everything was perfect and clear. They just need to update some resources as they are highlighting resources from 2018 mostly. In the cybersecurity world, everything changes very frequently so updating that will be more suitable for learning and adapting knowledge.

创建者 Dammeion C

Nov 3, 2021

I am very new to all this. I loved the course layout, presentation and user friendly process!! I was afraid to try this because I know so little but now I feel much more confident in this journey. Thank you for the opportunity to try something new and so exciting!!

创建者 kesavan K

Jul 30, 2020

In some videos. audio or course instructor language is not fully audible. Please correct that, Other than that , course content. structure and presentation , everything is good. Happy to have attended this course and learnt fundamentals of cyber security in detail.

创建者 lai y

Feb 23, 2021

It was a awesome experience for me to start my Cyber Security career , in this course I learnt a lot of technical syntax and knowledges to further my step to my target, i will continue the next course until obtain the Professional of Cyber Security of Certificate

创建者 Fernando P L P

Sep 13, 2020

I really appreciated this course, I'm wordless to express how happy I am because I learned a lot. The teaches are very good, the way you structured the contents of this course is something very interesting. Thank you Course and IBM for this big opportunity.

创建者 H M

May 27, 2022

Wow what a wonderful amount of information. sometimes the videos were hard to get thru but I took my time and did it in reasonable chunks of time. this is ALOT more interesting than I originally thought it was going to be. this is wonderful thank you IBM!

创建者 Saravanan R

May 7, 2020

I am really lucky to got the information from the domain expert teams.

The content was clear and easy to understand.

There was also an introduction session for every video which brought me to understand the objectives of watching that particular video.

创建者 kostekelaine

Apr 24, 2020

The course is specially good for those who are new to cybercsecurity and want to get some knowledge about it. The subjects and quizzes are well prepared however the sound quality of the videos at times was not so good so I would suggest improving it.

创建者 Dwayne N

Feb 26, 2020

I never dreamed, I could learn so much online and build on my future prospective career. I highly enjoyed all my classes and am looking forward to completing the whole course. Thanks to all my lecturers that were extremely helpful and very accurate.


Aug 8, 2020

Awesome course and instructors. Some parts needs further study to have better understanding. Interesting course. The slides are easy to understand, as it is straightforward. Plus, the reference sites are great, contains lots of useful information.

创建者 Muthoju S

Oct 16, 2022

I am trying to start my career in cybersecurity .This course gave me an fundamentals and introduction to cybersecurity essentials. The lectures are nice and easy to understand . And I got to know many cybersecurity related resources in the web.

创建者 Imran N

Jul 29, 2019

when edit the its give me the full access and at final quiz of the week it ask me to upgrade mean purchase should not allowed first even to read it.or to do any quiz.just waist my three days .i though its free and i can benefit from it.

创建者 Michael A

Nov 28, 2021

Course was very helpful,thoughtful but the amount of examples are a little too complex to understand for newbies that it made me do a little research on google.Wish the example's were on simpler was well made but could be better

创建者 Clarence A

Dec 12, 2020

Very good course in helping you understand the fundamentals of cybersecurity. If you've always been interested in the field or the industry, this is a great jump-off point to introduce you to new terms and concepts previously unknown to you.

创建者 Jomel D B

Sep 11, 2022

It is a well-written introductory course for Cybersecurity. Recommend for beginners who wish to learn about cybersecurity and those who wants an insight into the "hows" or the execution of cybercrime at a technical level to understand it.


Oct 2, 2020

i have joined to this course for to learn the tools that are used in cyber security.

the journey thrugh course is amazing and i have learnt new concepts.

these amazing information can help me in future in cyber security industry.

thank you

创建者 Mushahid A

Sep 19, 2021

In case you need to memorize cyber security and you have got no thought around that. Then this is often the finest course which covers all the essential subjects and give you a best information around cyber security and their apparatus.

创建者 Abid K

Jan 31, 2023

Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. Thank you for your wisdom, experience and personable presentation

创建者 Barbara S

Aug 10, 2022

Challenging but a good basic understanding of Cybersecurity

Sometimes the instructors were a little hard to understand (mainly due to being on speaker phone) but overall a lot of good basic information - a very good introductory course