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学生对 凯斯西储大学 提供的 有启发的对话:如何通过训练来提高学习能力,领导力并且激发改变 的评价和反馈

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Coaching can inspire and motivate people to learn, change, and be effective leaders, among other roles in life. Although most attempts are “coaching for compliance” (coaching someone to your wishes or expectations), decades of behavioral and neuroscience research show us that “coaching with compassion” (coaching someone to their dreams and desires) is more effective....



Feb 11, 2022

this course was beyond my expectations. I really enjoyed the topics and used them in my coaching sessions. Couldn't be better and I suggest it to anyone who want to work as a pro coach.


Nov 30, 2018

I really loved this course and I learned so much. Although it took me awhile to read the papers and articles, it was well worth it. I use it for my trainings and workshops! Thank you!


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