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This course will educate you in the characteristics and properties of natural gas, preparing you with the ability to summarize gas system components and new pipeline technologies. You will be enabled to grasp the key factors behind formation of the natural gas industry and the historical use of natural gas. Ultimately, you will be able to identify gas and carbon monoxide safety procedures. This course is for individuals considering a career in the energy field (who have a high school diploma, at minimum, and basic knowledge of mathematics), and existing energy sector employees with less than three years of experience who have not completed similar training and would benefit from a course of foundational industry concepts. Main concepts of this course will be delivered through lectures, readings, discussions and various videos. This is the second course in the Energy Production, Distribution & Safety specialization that explores various facets of the power sector, and features a culminating project involving creation of a roadmap to achieve a self-established, energy-related professional goal. To learn more about the specialization, check out a video overview at



Aug 26, 2020

It was simply excellent! Very clear and comprehensive. Really gave a good overview of the oil and gas sector. The professor's voice was also very clear. He was well spoken. I learned a lot. Thank you!


May 19, 2020

This Specific course on Natural Gas has helped me much to gain insight into Natural Gas Business Cycle, starting from NG production, through treatment, processing, and to consumer's burning tip.


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创建者 A V B N

Oct 4, 2022


创建者 Srinidhi

Jul 8, 2020



Jun 18, 2020


创建者 Shaurya k

Feb 5, 2020


创建者 Emma J

Feb 25, 2021

helpful course; some information seemed overly vague but perhaps that was intentional since this course was meant to provide a general overview. it would be helpful to update the course based on 2020 info and to also include more information on the actual system of distribution from transmission pipelines to customers. also, it takes significantly less time to complete than estimated. finally, i could do without the many statements throughout the course or in supplemental readings advertising how "clean" or "safe" natural gas is; all these seem to do is to expose a slight bias towards the industry. i took the course as a general, unobjective overview of the basics mechanics of the system.

创建者 Vikram S R

May 19, 2020

Very Interesting Introductory Course on Natural Gas - The Product & Markets. It was fun to learn with Prof. Tom Russo. One suggestion- The course is too much US of A Specific..Even the Evaluation Quiz questions are US Centric. It would be great if the evaluation Quiz questions are more about Product & Technicals more so as to make them useful for students from across globe

创建者 Yassine J

Aug 9, 2022

Brief and integrated training course on the oil and gas sector from exploration and extraction to marketing, Professor Bratson was very professional in communicating the information, in fact I enjoyed this course and learned a lot from it. Thank you Professor Bratson, thank you Duck University Thank you Coursera

Yassine Jedidi

创建者 Bhupinder S K

Apr 8, 2020

Teaching and information of the course is excellent and very easy to understand for the beginners. However the data projected is of the year 2015-16 and in these years Gas industry has evolved a lot and thus would request to update the data as per the latest industry projections.

创建者 Pablo L

Sep 18, 2020

Great course, very summarized but a lot of key takeaways. Not super specific in anyway and doesn't require maths or physics at all. 4 stars out of 5 because I'd have liked to see more about the effects of natural gas on the environment and it's role in the electricity sector.

创建者 afif m

Aug 7, 2020

The course is not about technical. I hope I can study more about natural gas at technical knowledge, thus the lesson is not like my expectation. However, it gave me a new knowledge about the application of natural gas in our daily live especially in U.S.

创建者 Ehsaneddin A

Dec 5, 2022

The southern accent of the lecturer was quite warm, still well-understood!

Too much attention to the US regulations and organizations, as a drawback.

Good presentation.

A variety of subjects, mostly regarding the whole supply chain of natural gas.

创建者 RCS S

May 20, 2020

All information about natural gas demand and supply, to be precise the whole supply chain is explained in an elegant way by Mr. Thomas Russo. There is scope for understanding how the natural gas energy system work in the US and demand mix.

创建者 Shaik K T

Jun 16, 2020

A mini-course where you can know about the natural gas industry, about recent technologies developed in the industry, and its pros and cons. It can be more elaborated by adding some visuals in the content.

创建者 Sameera W

Jan 1, 2020

A good understanding of the US natural gas industry. Improvements I would recommend would be changing to metric units, update the course material to 2020 and give a global perspective than limiting to US.

创建者 Rudhresh S K

Jul 2, 2020

It was overall a good and all round course for a beginner. But it could've been better if it concentrated more about a specific topic which would've been more helpful.

创建者 Pranesh Y S

Mar 28, 2019

Pretty basic and very informative course.The assessments could have been more content related than just asking about numbers from case studies.Otherwise a nice course.

创建者 Chandra C

Aug 26, 2020

For the beginners is more beneficial. Through this I have learnt basic about natural gas, process, safety and so on. Thank you sir !! for such a wonderful lectures.

创建者 tedda h

Aug 3, 2022

This course was very thorough and clear. It was a little heavy on support for the Big Oil, but stuck to important densely presented facts for the most part.

创建者 Xavier F J V

Nov 13, 2020

Even though very focused on the US Market and Regulations, the contents are applicable to other regions and are clearly and concisely explained.

创建者 Patel F S

Aug 23, 2020

This is a great course for beginner who are in 1st or 2nd year in college. They know more thing about the industry by completing this course.

创建者 Karla d M C

Jul 4, 2020

Amazin course!! Clear and easy explanation, I just believe it should detail a little bit more of few topics. In general it's really helpfull.


Jun 1, 2020

This course is extremely basic. It does not give detail about gas reservoirs, drilling and production. It is not up to my expectation.


Jul 30, 2020

Very good course and learnt the natural gas production, policies and controlling agency and distribution of natural gas to customers


May 11, 2020

A Refresher course for learning the basics of a Generation, Transmission and Distribution of natural gas as an energy source

创建者 Todd C

Jan 4, 2021

The course is good but the format is "challenging". No simple way to just look at my notes, review a quiz, etc. Needs help/