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学生对 Google 提供的 Foundations of Project Management 的评价和反馈

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This course is the first in a series of six to equip you with the skills you need to apply to introductory-level roles in project management. Project managers play a key role in leading, planning and implementing critical projects to help their organizations succeed. In this course, you’ll discover foundational project management terminology and gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities of a project manager. We’ll also introduce you to the kinds of jobs you might pursue after completing this program. Throughout the program, you’ll learn from current Google project managers, who can provide you with a multi-dimensional educational experience that will help you build your skills for on-the-job application. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Define project management and describe what constitutes a project. - Explore project management roles and responsibilities across a variety of industries. - Detail the core skills that help a project manager be successful. - Describe the life cycle of a project and explain the significance of each phase. - Compare different program management methodologies and approaches and determine which is most effective for a given project. - Define organizational structure and culture and explain how it impacts project management. - Define change management and describe the role of the project manager in the process....



Jan 18, 2022

Very informative and thorough! I've finished this course with so much knowledge that can be applied to the workforce. Everything is laid out in easy to follow and efficient steps. Couldn't be happier!


Dec 23, 2022

Its a Very insightful course will help you to grow and know more about the project management career path and every single detailed about it thank you Google and Coursera for this a great opportunity.


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创建者 Maame G O

May 6, 2021

I am ecstatic about going through the first course successfully. I have developed a new and stronger passion for Project management

创建者 Ernesto

May 9, 2021

very well done. the user interaction is the top, the way to take notes and highlight topics is very simple and intuitive.

创建者 Abdulkabir O

Apr 19, 2021

Really impactful and straight-to-the-point training with excellent examples. I enjoyed this and definitely want more.

创建者 Alona K

May 7, 2021

This is a perfect introductory course. I learned the basics of PM which is enough to interest me in learning more.

创建者 Daniel Y

Mar 24, 2021

This course was fun, interesting, entertaining, and simple. They designed this first course perfectly so far.

创建者 Sarah A E C

Apr 19, 2021

I never thought I'd be this eager to learn and enjoy a course as much as I did during this course.

创建者 Fatima I B

Jun 15, 2022

I love the fact that this course clearly introduced all the succeeding courses for this program.

创建者 Jasson C

Mar 13, 2021

Fantastic introduction to the world of project management.

创建者 Jezavel F

Apr 8, 2021

Dynamic, excellent presenters, very friendly to navigate!

创建者 Andrea G

Apr 6, 2021

The course is a great introduction to Project Management, I really enjoyed it and I will continue with next courses.

I think the only thing that could be improved are the "discussion forums" parts. Inside each of these parts, it would be useful to have a direct link to the related discussion forum to look out at previous answers without being forced to always enter its own personal post. I did not participate to some of the discussion forums because I was not really sure I was correctly understanding the goal of the question. Just looking at others' answers could have provided more starting points to help me share my ideas too.

创建者 Saurabh K

Jun 17, 2021

Excellent content to give a kick start, what missing was a case study or a mini capstone covering all the aspects of the agenda to help learner consolidate the learning plus be more prepared and ready for the next topic

创建者 Matthew C

Mar 13, 2021

Useful. There needs to be some more proofreading of the quiz questions (for example, sometimes it wants you to select "all that apply" but doesn't give you that instruction.)

创建者 Sim J S

Jun 13, 2021

Clear and accurate description of the roles, and would be better if there is more in job situation for share.

创建者 Koushik S

Jun 13, 2021

One of the best project management course that will definitely help me in future for career growth

创建者 Ivo B

Mar 13, 2021

A good and crucial course on Foundations of Project Management

创建者 Joseph C

Apr 4, 2021

The materials are great, but we should be able to highlight the reading...also, none of your surveys work and they just get in the way. Those need to be fixed.

创建者 Isabella V

Apr 12, 2021

Too video-heavy needs more visuals, charts & diagrams to supplement the videos, making the course more engaging and easier to take in.

创建者 Y C

Feb 1, 2022

I'm sure it's a great course but only part of it can be completed on a phone. The other part must be completed on a computer. I logged in from my MacBook using Safari and was unable to scroll down past the second question in the first timed quiz. I then downloaded Chrome and was only able to scroll down to the top of question 10. Poorly designed and extremely frustrating! Reported the issue and waiting til lord knows when for assistance. Needless to say, I canceled my subscription.

创建者 Andrew C

Feb 1, 2022

This was less of a course on how to be a project manager and more of a series of lectures about what a project manager does. It was too abstract to be useful, and a waste of money in my opinion.

创建者 Rohit K

Jun 14, 2021

Course is good, but need more flowcharts and animation to understand it faster.

创建者 Olga K

Jun 14, 2021

Absolutely zero content

创建者 Jordan G

Jul 5, 2022

The title of the course is self-explanatory as it truly consists of the foundations of project management. If you have any routine experience working with Agile-Scrum, Waterfall, or Lean Six Sigma, this will be a piece of cake for you, though you may learn more nuanced and interpersonal qualities required in project management and may still find the real-life application job search, keyword use, and interview-style sections of information useful. If the Agile, Waterfall, or Lean Six Sigma methodologies are unfamiliar to you, this will be an excellent place for you to start.

The course is simple and easy to understand and follow. The quizzes are not difficult if you consume the course material as it's designed. The course includes a handy digital note-taking feature, but I preferred to take notes by hand for retention.

To answer a common question: Yes, you can complete the first course in less time than it says it will take. While the course claims to take 4 weeks, someone who's unemployed, not in school, doesn't have kids, and isn't a caregiver can probably complete the entire first course in 11-16 hours. You can earn the first course's certificate (not the Professional Certificate) as soon as you finish the final quiz, at your own pace.

***IMPORTANT FOR THOSE APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL AID*** If you apply for financial aid to take this Foundations of Project Management course and want financial aid for the other 5 courses in this 6-course Professional Certificate program, know that you will have to separately apply for financial aid for each of the other 5 courses in this 6-course Professional Certificate program. The financial aid application does not umbrella apply to all 6 courses. If you know that you want to take all six and you believe you'll be able to take them quickly in succession, I recommend applying for each of the six courses on the same day or in the same week so that you can progress through all six courses without delay. Otherwise, you have to apply for financial aid for the second course and wait another two weeks after you finish the first course to hear back about your application, and so on. The six courses are listed on the Google Project Management Professional Certificate page about halfway down. Open each one and click on the Financial Aid link to apply to each one separately.

创建者 Omnia S

May 26, 2022

This course was great. I loved the content, although in the first 2 weeks there were repeated information but in general it was JUST WHAT I NEEDED to manage the project I was working on.

The amount of content was just right. There were videos where google employees spoke about project management which were one of my favourite parts, it was a good break.

The quizzes were perfect and I love the correcting criteria.

I totally recommend it. You will have so much fun learning.

I am so excited to start course 2 of the program.

创建者 Michelle B

May 21, 2021

Excellent course. Really enjoyed the content from start to finish. I initially had thought it would take me about three weeks to finish as I'm doing two other certificate programs as well plus working as a freelancer and studying for graduate school exams but I ended up finishing it in only a week as the material was so enjoyable I decided to put aside more time and finish it a lot quicker. Looking forward to course two and beyond!


Nov 11, 2022

It was a fantastic learning experience with a knowledge of project management information. The team as a whole did a fantastic job of demonstrating their individual perspectives on project management.