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Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD is the sixth course in a program that will equip you with the skills you need to apply to entry-level jobs in user experience (UX) design. In this course, you will design a responsive website using Adobe XD, a popular design tool. You will complete the design process from beginning to end: empathizing with users, defining their pain points, coming up with ideas for design solutions, creating wireframes and prototypes, and testing designs to get feedback. By the end of this course, you will have a new design project to include in your professional UX portfolio. In addition, you’ll learn how to search for entry-level UX design jobs, create a resume that highlights your skills and accomplishments, and build your professional portfolio website. Current UX designers and researchers at Google will serve as your instructors, and you will complete hands-on activities that simulate real-world UX design scenarios. Learners who complete the seven courses in this certificate program should be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs as UX designers. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Apply each step of the UX design process (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test) to create a responsive website. - Develop designs in a popular design tool, Adobe XD. - Plan information architecture and create sitemaps for website designs. - Apply common layouts for web pages. - Plan and conduct a usability study to gather feedback about designs. - Iterate on designs based on research insights. - Work with design systems in Adobe XD. - Add a new design project to your professional UX portfolio. - [Optional] Create or update a UX-focused resume. - [Optional] Learn how to search for and apply to introductory-level jobs in the field of UX. This course is suitable for beginner-level UX designers who have completed the previous five courses of the Google UX Design Certificate. Alternatively, learners need to have a strong foundational understanding of the design process; experience creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes; and the ability to conduct usability studies. No previous experience with Adobe XD is required....



Oct 7, 2022

While this course contains much redundant information when viewed alongside the other courses in this certificate, the standalone information and practical assignments are valuable and holistic.


Dec 14, 2021

This was a good course. The pace really picked up from previous courses because we were mostly applying everything we have already learned and only learning to use a new tool (Adobe XD).


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创建者 Matt P

Dec 13, 2022

I probably enjoyed this course the least so far as I felt that it crammed a lot in and lost it's focus. For example, the process followed from courses 1-5 was completely covered in course 6 with the expectation that it would take 6 weeks; whereas, courses 1-5 took months to complete. I just felt like there were other ways that this course could have been laid out than as it currently stands (i.e, Adobe XD could have been combined with the previous courses and this course could focus on the web app of the mobile app that was previously developed, there could be a separate course on applying/preparing for UX jobs). I just feel like there is little new that was learned, and adding more projects onto our plate was a bit tedious/repetitive. I'm not saying that I don't want to have multiple projects, I'm saying that for the sake of this course, we should focus on learning new things and slim the projects down.

创建者 Vox W L

Nov 13, 2022

I am truly disappointed with this course. I expected to learn something new about Adobe XD, instead, it just recapped the design process again.

During the course, we didn't actually design a responsive website. It all boiled down to creating wireframes for mobile and desktop.

Well, I'm an experienced web designer. I've been working with responsive designs for many years, and the course is ok for me, but folks starting a new career would have to struggle to understand how it all works.

This course is very fast-paced. Things we were doing during previous courses were expected to be completed in days. Then again, it is ok to take such a pace when working on a commercial project, but it was very challenging to squeeze it between my current job and family.

创建者 Naresh K G

Sep 12, 2022

It is disappointing to join this course. Promised Adobe XD free and did not provide it. I had to purchse it to complete my course. There is no new learning - this module is repeat of earlier module. It is more to promoye Adobe XD. The instructions are hazy - what is demonstrated is very fast, can not be grasped and what is shown is different from the actual XD thatI I purchased. In the end I feel cheated by Google as well as Coursera.

I wrote a number of mails to Coursera and the said their High Level Team will help me get the XD and did not respond. If GOOGLE and COURSERA have that level of integrity - GOD save us.

创建者 Pablo E P

Jan 18, 2022

I did not like very much this course. Firstly because it does not go deep into responsiveness like how to scale components from mobile to web nor does it tell much about breaking points. I expected to learn all these things before I took the course

Besides, the course is supposed to teach things we have formerly seen but I can imagine for people landing on this course withouth having done the previous ones it must be too complicated going backwards the whole time.

Finally, all this part about getting a job seems useful but it has nothing to do regarding responsiveness

创建者 junior r

Apr 24, 2022

I love learning. I really enjoyed this course. I enjoyed learning Adobe Xd. But my computer wasnt compatible. When i was submitting my assignments i recieved some horrible responses. Some classmates were very rude. Some classmates gave me 0s for no reason. One classmates told me i did a horible job with no constructive feed back. it took me much longer to finish this course because one classmate may pass me and the other gave me all 0s. And their comments were very rude and humiliating. So please i wish you could monitor how classmates interact.

创建者 Marc J

Aug 8, 2022

The Course's content is pretty good as well as the instrucor.

The peer-review process is absolutely annoying and tedious. People seem to interpret clear assignment criteria in order to justify their opinions or do not even look at the content closely (e.g. criteria: At least one screen has 2 versions in different sizes—1 small version for mobile and 1 large version for desktop—for responsive design . Result: 0 points from first reviewer although mentioned screens were displayed next to each other.)

创建者 Mihai

Nov 28, 2021

What took 5 weeks in Module 2 is expected of us to be done in 5 days..? It says “week 1” but we are gently ushered to submit our assignment a few days earlier.

When is one supposed to choose a topic, generate interview questions, find participants, schedule them all in 1-2 days, analyze the data by creating empathy maps and user problems etc ?

Why the sudden rush, Google? I understand that things need to be done faster a second time but 5 times faster? This is not a sprint design.

创建者 Mine O E

Jun 3, 2022

I wasn't so excited about this course because Adobe XD was difficult for me to use, especially after using a software as easy as Figma. They need to work on deploying a website link for it. The desktop app kept hanging and delaying my work.

Lastly, i never received my 9 months free subscription as promised, despite numerous emails to coursera. It left a bad taste in my mouth about your services. I ended up paying for it, Still very disappointed.

创建者 Branden O

Nov 2, 2022

I have never hated anything in my life the way that I have learned to hate Adobe XD and being forced to learn to use it. Every single session with this nightmare of a program has left me frustrated and hating my decision to go this far with the program. I became so burnt out and infuriated by the process and being forced to use it that at one point I took a full month break from doing anything related to this course because of how much frustration it was causing. Every single aspect of this program is seemingly capable of breaking at the drop of a hat, and every single process is unnecessarily complicated. You'd think adding separate visual states to a component would be as simple as grouping your items into a component, then hovering over or accessing the sidebar and clicking to add a state, then creating that alternate state? Nope! Gotta group it THEN make sure it knows it's the default state even though you already grouped it and that original creation should be the default, then you need to swap to design mode, then you need to click to add a NEW state, don't accidentally click the toggle state right out of the gate even though that's an option because that won't do anything, THEN make the new state into a toggle state, and THEN you create the alternate visuals for it, and then set up the connections. Or how about even TRYING to make a component? Half the time it misses a random object and decides it isn't going to be part of the component even though you selected it. Never take up a career in UX, never try to learn UX because you are probably going to have to use Adobe, and as someone who has been watching the quality of their products decline since they first swapped to their subscription only business model, there is no bottom to the pit of frustration they have created.

创建者 Dee

May 29, 2022

This course is a joke. Instead of teaching and foucing on responsive web design, they are repeating all previously learned stuff e.g making paper wireframes, digitel wireframes, resreach, prototype, testing, improvising. its been 4th week still i have not learned how the responsive web design works except for creating different devise wireframes which I totally understand due to new software you need a little bit of familiarity but other then that nothing new I have learned. They should change the name of this course to refresher in adobe XD rather than responsive in adobe XD. I mean they are literary making me do the entire project again which is not needed at all feel like they are just dragging the course instead of finishing it. I don't like it because I am paying to learn something new and required content, not to repeat it.

创建者 Brandon F M

Sep 7, 2022

These courses get worse and worse as they go on. Course 6 was terribly out of order. Assignments I had NEVER heard of were being asked of me. Methods I never learned about I was expected to perform. It was until I decided to skip around the course that I discovered many things were so unbelievably out of order that the course could not be completed unless you went through cherry picking assignments until they had eventually all been completed. I've been in school for many different skills, this is the WORST learning experience (ironic, I know) I have ever had. It's straight up sucks.

创建者 Gabrielle G

Jul 22, 2022

Felt like this course was way too repetitive of the FIgma unit in the certification path. Perhaps I'd have a better opinion of the instructor and the course if I hadn't just done all the same work in the Figma course.

创建者 Pablo E W

Jan 1, 2022

I think this was a very repetitive course, it made me very tedious, only 3 videos were really useful, of which they teach how to use XD

创建者 Aaron W

Oct 31, 2022

This course forces you to learn quite a bit about Adobe XD which likely will be obsolete/replaced by Figma.

创建者 R C

Oct 13, 2022

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Adobe XD. The course is well written, well paced, and provides a comprehensive review for those continuing on from previous courses.

However, I've noticed an increase in plagiarism and blank submissions from other users enrolled in the certificate pathway. While I recognize that UX design can be a lucrative profession, these students detract from the course's overall quality. There is no easy solution to this problem given the sheer volume of enrollment in Google's certificate programs. Just something to keep in mind before enrolling in the course.

创建者 Opeyemi E

Jul 21, 2022

I've always loved versatiiity of professionals who can work with different tools for the same or similar tasks. Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD showed how incredible that versatility could be. Being able to design a responsive website with Adobe XD from scratch for the first time implies that I can now work well with two leading software: Adobe XD and Figma in UX Design.

创建者 Shanthi N

May 12, 2022

Learning Adobe XD through this course was super easy. Its a great tool to design with. So many useful features, excellent Adobe tutorials to learn from. Responsive Design was another excellent concept I learnt and used in my second project for this course. Finally, the tips to create a UX resume and job search are extremely relevant and useful at this point of the program.

创建者 Jamie E

Mar 28, 2022

This course was probably the most challenging as it required combining all five previous courses into one culmulative case study. I liked that it allowed us to gain experience in Adobe XD and designing responsive websites. It's alot of information, but good information. Bookmark everything, skim and review in more detail when you have time later.

创建者 Germán G A

Jun 17, 2022

This is a good course, especially if you are doing the specialization. Some assignments are confusingly presented, as it is not clear if you are looking for a new design or to continue the process you were already following from the other certification courses. But it is a great review of all the previous concepts.

创建者 designeraj

Mar 20, 2022

Absolutely loved this course. It was a great experience. The speakers were good designers who shared their vision from beginning to end. I do it just for a few weeks, and I am happy to receive my certificate. I will recommend those who want to learn UI UX Design from scratch. Thank you, Googlers!

创建者 Humera T

Dec 25, 2022

It was my first ever course of a responsive web design. The course curriculum is well designed. Instructors and mentors are very cooperative, everyone did their job amazingly. I learned a lot from this course. Thanks to COURSERA for providing such wonderful online opportunities to the learners.

创建者 Tarini G

Oct 18, 2022

This has been an informative course. If you're someone who has been taking these courses in order, then the video lectures would be repititive. If you're a newbie, then the course would be informative for you. This was an informative course for me, as I learnt more about web design.

创建者 Amie T

Mar 11, 2022

Didn't learn a lot about responsive web design... and honestly felt like I repeated the same things from Course 1 to 5 but it was stuffed into a short 6 weeks for this course. However, I would recommend this course if you need a refresher. Or if you didn't takea ny courses 1 to 5.

创建者 Rohit R C

Dec 18, 2021

This one is the best course of the whole specialization, compact yet complete! Great course & the instructor is very inspiring as well. I wish they made a video of implementing design system into own designs and making us aware of different adobe xd plugins.

创建者 giorgia s

Mar 30, 2022

Corso utilissimo per tutti coloro che stanno iniziando nel mondo del web design e che vogliono iniziare a comprendere i metodi di creazione di app e sito web oltre alla creazione di un portfolio personale. Amazing course, I can't wait to do another one!