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学生对 ESSEC商学院 提供的 企业战略分析基础 的评价和反馈

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Who is this course for? This course is designed for students, business analysts, and data scientists who want to apply statistical knowledge and techniques to business contexts. For example, it may be suited to experienced statisticians, analysts, engineers who want to move more into a business role. You will find this course exciting and rewarding if you already have a background in statistics, can use R or another programming language and are familiar with databases and data analysis techniques such as regression, classification, and clustering. However, it contains a number of recitals and R Studio tutorials which will consolidate your competences, enable you to play more freely with data and explore new features and statistical functions in R. With this course, you’ll have a first overview on Strategic Business Analytics topics. We’ll discuss a wide variety of applications of Business Analytics. From Marketing to Supply Chain or Credit Scoring and HR Analytics, etc. We’ll cover many different data analytics techniques, each time explaining how to be relevant for your business. We’ll pay special attention to how you can produce convincing, actionable, and efficient insights. We'll also present you with different data analytics tools to be applied to different types of issues. By doing so, we’ll help you develop four sets of skills needed to leverage value from data: Analytics, IT, Business and Communication. By the end of this MOOC, you should be able to approach a business issue using Analytics by (1) qualifying the issue at hand in quantitative terms, (2) conducting relevant data analyses, and (3) presenting your conclusions and recommendations in a business-oriented, actionable and efficient way. Prerequisites : 1/ Be able to use R or to program 2/ To know the fundamentals of databases, data analysis (regression, classification, clustering) We give credit to Pauline Glikman, Albane Gaubert, Elias Abou Khalil-Lanvin (Students at ESSEC BUSINESS SCHOOL) for their contribution to this course design....



Oct 12, 2015

This course is excellent when it provides the citations very fit to theory. And I learned it in well organized structure of knowledge. Thank Prof. Glady and his team very much.


Apr 30, 2020

The course contains the in-depth knowledge which helps to learn more about the business analytics. The assignments will test your presentation skills and creativity skills


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创建者 R. C H

Jun 15, 2020

The R code examples provided were the most useful part of this course. The lecture material was so high level that I found it difficult to watch and walk away with a clear sense of what was learned. To be frank: I would have quit this class if not for the recitation material. Even the capstone assignment was framed in such a strange way that I had to walk away for a week to figure out what to do with it. And the number of course participants was quite low, which may for a stressful time getting the last assignment graded. And since the grade was based on peer review of highly subjective assessments of a single slide presentation, it also made the final grade appear haphazard.

创建者 Patric O

Mar 8, 2018

This first course is good, but it unfortunately reminds me of the courses back at the tech.uni. I graduated from. The professor has a terrible accent, the assistants doing the calculation exercises are far from inspiring, and the exam's instructions are vague to say the least. And feedback about this seems of lesser interest, like I'm just a student and cannot know better than the professor.

But take this first course and get it over with, because after it comes course 2 that is so much better. The lecturer is top notch and he does his recitals himself with lots of additional info as he goes through them. It's one of the best online courses I've had on the subject.

创建者 Hans G Q

Oct 22, 2020

Overall, the content is very useful and interesting. Maybe I would suggest the use of standard/international business English terms and definitions in the course, that would definitely improve the quality of lectures. I had the impression that they were using a literal translation from the French into English. For example, they used words as: "providers" instead of "Suppliers"; "past data" instead of "historic data".

创建者 Alan E

Jun 22, 2017

I think it would be good to have an introduction to R Studio. The course was short and informal from my point of view. Instead of watching a lecture and then a demonstration a single video with both the lecture and demonstration would be better.

创建者 Laura F

Aug 4, 2021

El curso está muy bien. Las explicaciones son claras y proporciona gran cantidad de contenido. Sin embargo, no está indicado que se necesitan conocimientos previos en Excel y un programa informático llamado RStudio.

创建者 ang s

Aug 15, 2016

Lectures and Recitals were good, easy to understand. Discussion forum was a deserted place with little sharing. Would be nice to have a more open community. Overall, pretty good. Looking forward to the next courses.

创建者 Youss O

Feb 9, 2022

L'utilisation de python aurait été préférable

创建者 Andreas S

Apr 13, 2017

Arguments brought up are shallow

创建者 Yuduan L

Oct 15, 2015

Not very like this course... especially those videos are introduced by female speaker....we dont have this kind of software, can't understand and practice it....

创建者 amyliangzi

Nov 23, 2015

Poor presentation. Unclear points. Not a detailed walk through about the specific tool.

创建者 Ifeoma N O

Sep 29, 2022

wwhy do you have to wait for peers to review your work before getting the certificate

创建者 Maria F F

Apr 30, 2022

Faltan explicaciones basicas para poder proceder con el transcurso del temario

创建者 Esther A

Apr 2, 2021

:Pre-requisites of R programming are not mentioned up front

创建者 Johannes A

Apr 14, 2016

Much trivial content, but advertised as an expert course. Further, the assignments did not work properly at the beginning and there is no timely response of staff. I would not waste money on that course again and will probably try to get refund in time.

创建者 sara

Sep 30, 2017

Simple, methodology is not enough, not practical, more focus on statistical tool data processing instead of insight analysis, not recommended to professionals.

创建者 Jennifer D

Jan 4, 2016

I wish this course was for free with the assignments!

创建者 Swapnil S

May 18, 2019

Couldn't comprehend the lessons taught. I apologize.

创建者 Yannis G

Feb 4, 2016

English is horrible, and I am french...

创建者 yassmine M

May 3, 2020

i didn't like this course


Jul 15, 2019

faltu not good at all

创建者 rayedalrdaian

Mar 17, 2021

not recommended