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学生对 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 FinTech: Foundations, Payments, and Regulations 的评价和反馈

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In this course, you’ll learn the key components of modern-day investment strategies which utilize fintech. Professors Natasha Sarin and Chris Geczy of the Wharton School have designed this course to help you understand the complex structure of payment methods and financial regulations, so you can determine how fintech plays a role in the future of investing. Through analysis of robo-advising and changing demographic forces, you’ll learn how basic elements of trust underlie complex choice architecture in investments and impact investing. You’ll also explore payment methodologies and how fintech is emerging as an entrepreneurial solution to both investments and payment systems. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify different financial technologies, and understand the dynamic between the innovations and regulations, and employ best practices in developing a fintech strategy for yourself or your business. No prerequisites are required for this course, although a basic understanding of credit cards and other payment methods is helpful....



Feb 11, 2022

Elaborate and easy to understand the basic concepts in Fintech. Both the instructors are very good and explained in a way which is easy to understand.

Looking foward to complete the certification.


May 24, 2020

Nice introductory course to FinTech. However, I do not recommend the course for learners without prior knowledge on financial instruments as the course may become technical from time-to-time.


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创建者 Jeremy C

Aug 1, 2021

Good course, very interesting. It really helped me to understand the growth of fintech during the last few years.

However I would not classify bitcoin as a company.

创建者 Santiago S

Jul 18, 2019

Buen programa para introducir fintech a personas que no tienen mucho conocimiento en el area. Le hace falta un poco de profundidas a los temas tocados en el curso

创建者 Eimear O

Jan 14, 2021

Clear and well explained even to a non-financial person such as myself. Thank you - I now have a much better understanding of Fin-Tech and the issues around it.

创建者 Sachin S

Oct 28, 2020

Week1 content should be revamped. Its like walking through a research report and quiz was like mugging those #s.

Week 3 and Week4 course content was awesome.

创建者 Ravena

May 20, 2020

This course provided a good overview of the Fintech scene especially in the United States in comparison with other countries involded in Financial Technology

创建者 Paul L

Mar 6, 2021

The regulatory piece was informative generally, but should give more specific examples of regulations of how current FinTech products are being regulated.

创建者 Nathalie P

Apr 28, 2020

First two weeks were great! I am curious why the lady on the videos for the the last 2 weeks felt the need to mention Elizabeth Warren so many times...

创建者 Frans S

May 14, 2021

Great course for a foundation. It may need to add more materials on the type of fintech instead of discussing the credit card technology too much.

创建者 Tiago M

Dec 11, 2019

Very good the part related with Regulation and Fintech. The initial week gave the context but was probably superficial, for a learning standpoint

创建者 Emily K

Apr 3, 2022

The information was really interesting and valuable but the presentation was a bit stilted and would have benefited from simplification.

创建者 Rahul H

May 24, 2020

First 2 weeks were quite data heavy - can be curbed on that point. Rest all is OK for a beginner to get an overview of fin-tech.


Aug 28, 2019

Very informative and interesting course. Good information on the modern payment methods and two-sided markets.

创建者 Ricardo S

Jul 6, 2020

Great course, with some Global content but mainly focused in the US market. But interesting nonetheless.

创建者 Gunjan V

Aug 5, 2022

The cousre was good. It provided me with new insight on the subject of FinTech. Enriching experience.

创建者 EBIN S

Jul 3, 2020

very informative course , but need addition because it's 2020, fintech has emerged a lot by this time

创建者 Ilja H

Aug 7, 2019

I found the bit on regulation too long and dull. Maybe split it up in two to make it more pallatable?

创建者 Andrei V

Aug 3, 2022

Slightly outdatded (2018 vs 2022 now) and would be awesome to see practitioners teaching the course.

创建者 Nicolò Q

Dec 26, 2021

Very interesting course, excellent teachers, a lot of theory but not very practical (the only flaw).

创建者 Deleted A

Apr 10, 2020

The information should be more extensive and the sentences should be simpler and easy to understand.

创建者 Sourish M

Nov 4, 2020

Good course with very interesting lectures. would be helpful if the material could be more updated.

创建者 Gani C

Sep 25, 2020

First two weeks were very slow paced and less interesting and engaging compared to the latter half.

创建者 mohit m

Oct 11, 2019

The lectures were very high level and too much content in each video, that too at a very fast pace.

创建者 Moon L

Apr 2, 2020

Give a good high-level understanding of fintech trend in commercial and regulatory perspective.

创建者 Kevin L

Dec 27, 2021

i must say it got my feet wet in the fintech space for sure. Great and sufficient information

创建者 Ila T

Nov 6, 2021

The course was okay. Very US specific and pretty dated. The HKUST course seems more relevant.