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According to a recent Coursera study(*), there are 7 most in-demand skills in the data world. Among these skills is data management, which refers to the practice of effectively collecting, organizing, storing, and analyzing data. While some organizations will have dedicated data management roles, data analysts often manage data to some degree. In recent years, Snowflake has become one of the best cloud data platforms adopted by several global companies such as Adobe, AT&T, BlackRock, Capital-One... This entry-level guided project is designed for business analysts analyzing their company's data in Snowflake. You will play the role of an analyst working in the strategy department of a fictional burger chain in NY. Your task is to create a dashboard to analyze your company's market share and benchmark it against major competitors. At the end of the project, you will be able to: 1-Create your trial account, navigate Snowflake UI, and get data from Snowflake Marketplace. 2-Create virtual warehouses, databases, and tables to load data into Snowflake. 3-Write your first query using Snowflake SQL worksheets and turn it into Snowsight dashboard. To successfully complete this project, you need basic SQL skills (writing Select statements) and an understanding of basic database concepts (tables, schemas..) (*)