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"Everyday Excel, Part 3 (Projects)" is a continuation of "Everyday Excel, Parts 1 and 2". It is a capstone, projects-based course in which you will apply what you've learned previously to more complex, somewhat open-ended projects (open-ended with respect to the fact that they can be solved in multiple ways). Each learner must complete 3"warm-up" projects (chosen from 3), 3 intermediate projects (chosen from 6), and 3 main (more difficult) projects (chosen from 5). The projects have been created to span a wide range of interests and topic areas and are anticipated to appeal to diverse learner backgrounds. It is hoped that this project-based courses will dramatically reinforce the application of Excel tools, techniques, and functions to real-world projects....



May 14, 2021

Really good projects to evaluate what you learnt, some were very difficult to pass the grader although the project answer was correct and it took some time to get pass the grader.


Mar 12, 2021

Very useful and informative, but I still don't see the honor on my certificate even after completing the honor part


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