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One of the important topics that every data analyst should be familiar with is the distributed data processing technologies. As a data analyst, you should be able to apply different queries to your dataset to extract useful information out of it. but what if your data is so big that working with it on your local machine is not easy to be done. That is when the distributed data processing and Spark Technology will become handy. So in this project, we are going to work with pyspark module in python and we are going to use google colab environment in order to apply some queries to the dataset we have related to lastfm website which is an online music service where users can listen to different songs. This dataset is containing two csv files listening.csv and genre.csv. Also, we will learn how we can visualize our query results using matplotlib....



Nov 1, 2020

This course has help equip me with a lot of experience on data analysis and i really love it. Thank you Ahmad Varasteh.

A big thanks to Coursera for creating such a wonderful opportunity.


Jan 7, 2022

This project is really good. Gives you a hands-on experience on PySpark. I was able to write complex queries on my own after a while in this project. Very useful.


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